Do you feel guilty leaving your dogs at home while you go out to eat or travel? If you’re in Colorado Springs you don’t have to anymore.

These 12 places in this Colorado city are all dog-friendly. We put together all the facts you need so you can plan an itinerary that includes your dogs.

Your loyal dogs deserve the best. Let them explore fine places with you in beautiful Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods

The natural formation of the red rocks adds stunning natural beauty to this location. There are many activities where you can learn about this attraction and how the rocks came to be positioned in their unique ways.

But do you know who’ll enjoy this place the most? Your pets. Dogs on six-foot leashes or shorter can join you on the hiking trails.

If your dogs are free-spirited don’t worry. There is a designated area in the park where you’re allowed to let your dogs run around unleashed.

The Garden of the Gods is a perfect place for you and your dogs to socialize.

R and R Coffee Café

Your dogs are part of the family, so why not take them with when you want to eat out? R and R Coffee café aim to make you & your pooch happy.

The food is delicious and your dogs will feel relaxed in its atmosphere.

You don’t have to compromise between having a fine dining experience and traveling with your dog. You get the best of both at R and R Coffee Café.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

You and your dog can be accommodated in style thanks to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. The hotel’s vision is to accommodate not only you but your dogs. It offers many activities and facilities your dogs will enjoy during the stay including:

  • A beautiful outdoor courtyard with walking paths
  • Hiking trails
  • Fishponds

These facilities help keep your dog entertained and active during your stay.

Rudy’s Little Hideaway

If you’re taking a stroll with your dog and you crave Mexican & Tex Mex cuisine head over to Rudy’s Little Hideaway.

Your dogs will receive a warm welcome and the employees will even bring them some water. The large open space under the covered patio is perfect to accommodate dogs and their owners.


Discover global cuisines with your dog right by your side at Shuga’s. The delicious food will leave you wanting more and because your dog is welcome you can make this a regular outing.

Shuga’s restaurant allows your dogs to be seated with you on its patio. They can enjoy the fresh air and bowls of water to keep them cool in Colorado’s hot, humid weather.

Pike’s Peak Highway

Pike’s Peak Highway is a popular destination for dog travelers. There are acres of land with:

  • Trails for you and dogs to walk
  • Parks for dogs to play in
  • Streams for them to swim in

It’s not even mandatory to keep them on leashes so you can let your dogs play freely. They can be entertained for hours while you enjoy the scenery.

Pizzeria Rustica

If you want a restaurant that will treat your dog well then Pizzeria Rustica is the place to go. While you order and eat the friendly staff will even bring your pets water & some treats. The patio has shade to make your dog feel comfortable.

And what’s in it for you? You can experience a taste of Italy with the authentic Italian dishes served.

This restaurant’s vision is to make all its visitors feel special. Even your dog will receive a personal greeting.

Stratton Open Space

Don’t you love it when a community’s initiatives bring you practical solutions? 318 acres of landforms Stratton Open Space and is a wildlife habitat available for your and your dog’s adventures. All of this is thanks to many local groups working together.

The facilities for dogs include:

  • Hiking trails
  • Reservoirs

This space looks inviting and creates an environment where dogs can play and socialize.

Bon Ton’s Café

If you have a service animal pick Bon Ton’s Café as your next eatery. The food is delicious, the service friendly and your beloved dogs will get the same excellent treatment as you.

Without even asking, your dog will receive a bowl of water from employees. This is what you call fast service delivery!

La Quinta Inn & Suites

The La Quinta Inn & Suites make it clear that they’re super dog-friendly. The reception desk even has a jar full of dog treats.

The inn provides all the facilities needed to help you care for your dog:

  • There are dog paths for them to exercise and get fresh air
  • Plastic bags are provided for clean up

This inn is near the Garden of the Gods so it’s surrounded by mountains. This makes it a beautiful place for you and your dog to relax in.

Trinity Brewing

A dog is a man’s best friend. If you want to hang out with friends don’t leave your dog at home. Trinity Brewing serves food and beer loved by all locals & there’s plenty of room to accommodate your dog.

Your dog will receive attention from employees and other friendly dogs so both of you will feel at home.

Amanda’s Fonda

If you want your whole family including your dogs to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and other traditional Mexican festivals, then eat at Amanda’s Fonda.

The restaurant delivers on authentic Mexican dishes and you’ll enjoy the scenic views of Pikes Peak Highway. The dog-friendly outdoor patio is large enough to host many dogs. While you socialize they can too. You and your dog will feel satisfied after the visit because of the exceptional service delivery.

Take a chance and let your dogs have fun. These dog-friendly restaurants and parks enable them to explore real excitement outside of your home. Dogs feel emotions too. They’ll love you for treating them to new places and activities.

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