I think the secret to making a restaurant successful is consistency.

Over the years I’ve visited many restaurants around the world. Anyone can say with certainty that restaurant owners who put in effort and work are the ones who fall into the 30% that don’t close within the first year.

The following 16 restaurants in Colorado Springs are ones that have stood the test of time and proven themselves with great food and excellent service. They’ve shown consistency throughout the years.

And today I invite you to try them all!

Sonterra Grill

Fine dining that stays true to authentic Mexican cuisine is my favorite. Sonterra Grill has created a number of beautiful dishes that taste as good as they look. Try their delectable sauces and savor their delicious selection of wines.

Savelli’s Pizza

Traditional Italian food that’s been cooked and served with great care. That’s what I look for in an Italian family restaurant, and Savelli’s Pizza delivers every time. Try any one of their pizza, pasta or a sub and you’ll see why they are one of the busiest restaurants in Manitou Springs

Bhan Thai

Thai food is always on the top of my takeout list. But Bahn Thai also create an amazing restaurant experience—with food to match. Their sauces are created like no other Thai food I’ve ever tasted, and it’s this uniqueness that makes them so popular in Colorado Springs.

The Rabbit Hole

An elegant establishment. A mysterious establishment. That’s the fun of visiting this very popular restaurant in Colorado Springs. The food is high end and the service is superb. Those who haven’t been there have no idea what kind of an experience awaits them at The Rabbit Hole.

Marigold Cafe & Bakery

You have to eat here! The food is delectable, and the experience will leave you with wanting more. Luckily Marigold Café & Bakery has a bakery and deli so you can take their treats home with you. Their confectionaries are on chef level, and their restaurant food would rival any of the restaurants I’ve visited.

Roman Villa Pizza

Okay, so I’m a sucker for Italian family food. But who isn’t, right? Roman Villa Pizza has been serving Colorado Springs for years, and their food is still as good as it was when they first opened. The meals are traditionally cooked in a home-style fashion and served with warm Italian hospitality.

Sopra Antipasto and Wine Bar

Let’s take it up a notch. If it’s fine Italian dining you’re looking for, then this is where I would recommend. Sopra Antipasto and Wine Bar deliver high-quality Italian dishes with an elegant flair. A perfect place to take your date, but also suitable for families and events. The food is well prepared and you will love their dish presentations.

Thai Lily Cuisine

I’ve been to Thailand. Not the country, but the restaurant. That’s how authentically Thai this establishment is. That Lily Cuisine has a unique style of cooking that I really enjoy. You can get takeout from them, but I’d highly recommend you try out their dining experience. Their food and hospitality will make you forget where you really are.

Summit at the Broadmoor

The extremely elegant French bistro, Summit at the Broadmoor provides high-end food for a reasonable price. Family style cuisine that’s been adapted to a diverse mixture of cultural ingredients. Bring your family or spend a quiet night with your date at this luxurious hotel restaurant. You’ll love the warm atmosphere and relish their food & wine menus.


From France back to Italy. Paravicini’s is a classic Italian bistro that will leave you feeling as if you’re in Italy. They have a picturesque patio area where you can dine on their fine selection of Italian cuisine. Their food is prepared with bold flavors and their sauces are what keep customers coming back for more. Enjoy multiple award-winning foods and spend a few hours enjoying their lovely restaurant.

King’s Chef Diner

I truly believe that we do food right in America. At King’s Chef Diner you’ll experience authentic American food that’s been freshly prepared with high-quality ingredients. This Colorado Springs Restaurant is the perfect place for families who love good food. The menu stays true to Colorado and Mexican flavors. But you’ll also love their desserts and pastries!

Over Easy Daytime Eatery

The Over Easy Daytime Eatery is where I go to get a fresh breakfast or lunch. Their dishes are super tasty and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients they use. Famous for their pancakes, this little restaurant also serves yummy meals like full breakfasts, warm lunches, and incredible desserts.

Poor Richard’s Restaurant

The name, Poor Richard has become a popular one in Colorado Springs. Poor Richard’s Restaurant is a great place for families who love a good pizza. The restaurant is elaborate in its layout; complete with a book & gift store, a toy store and a café.

Mountain Shadows

A favorite for locals, Mountain Shadows proves that Colorado knows their food. They have a full breakfast and lunch menu and every dish is presented with great finesse. I’d recommend their hamburgers and their freshly made cocktails if you’re going for lunch.

Wok In, Wok Out

No one in Colorado Springs does a Chinese Thai fusion as well as Wok in, Wok Out. This restaurant serves authentic That Chinese dishes that are packed with bold flavor. Wok In, Wok Out have also taken the time to decorate their restaurant with a suitable theme to their food. Enjoy fresh noodles, stir-frys, and several delicious desserts while you relax in their oriental atmosphere.

Crave Real Burgers

Everyone likes something different when it comes to the perfect burger. Your best bet in finding that perfect burger is trying a few at Crave Real Burgers. They have various creative burger topping combinations and their sauces are homemade! Their burgers have even won eight food awards, so if that doesn’t make you want to try one… Happy dining!

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