We all have our preferences. I love exploring a city by simply putting on comfortable shoes and taking a walk. I can study locals and enjoy local smells and sounds.

But driving can be enjoyable too. Open windows to let in fresh air while your drive towards stunning views.

Which one of these images is your favorite?

Guess what. In Colorado Springs both of these are possible. And the city’s focus on tourism means they cater for almost any type of visitor. This makes it easy to pick your next holiday destination.

But for optimum enjoyment, you must know what your transport options are. There’s nothing as frustrating as not having your expectations met.

Use these tips so you’re prepared for your next trip to the area.


Here’s what I urge you to try. Walking. Walk all over Colorado Springs.

You’ll miss out if you simply stay in your car or only use public transport. This is what you’ll miss: Scenery.

Colorado Springs has some of the most spectacular scenery in America. Thanks to Pikes Peak in the distance and the mountain parks that conserve natural beauty there’s no end to enthralling natural settings.

But there’s only so much you can take in from your car seat. You’ll miss beauty if you don’t view it from the right perspective. And Colorado Springs makes it so easy to travel by foot.

Outside the City

Firstly there are many trails. You’ll find over 100 miles of them in and around the city. And because many of them start in the city itself you don’t need a car to enjoy a day out.

Start from your hotel, find a trail and follow it to the outskirts and even into the mountains.

And take your pets with you. Most parks and attractions in Colorado Springs offer dog-friendly services & amenities. Your dog can enjoy some exercise while you enjoy the views. What better day can you ask for?

In the City

Of course, not everyone wants to discover nature trails throughout their holidays. Once again Colorado Springs caters to everyone.

Inside city limits, you’ll find many attractions you can reach by foot. Alternatively, you can travel to a certain area and enjoy the many attractions you find there:

  • Downtown offers architecture, restaurants and retail outlets
  • Old Colorado City offers many small unique shops to find gifts for everyone at home
  • Enjoy the parks or festivals inside the city limits

None of these require a car. And trying a new way of traveling may be just what you need to unwind.


Of course, there are other healthy ways of getting around too. What about a bicycle?

In the City

Once again the many trails around Colorado Springs make it easy to get around on bicycles. You can take your own bike or simply rent one when you get there. Rental agencies even offer kids’ bikes.

Outside the City

Outside the city it gets even better.

On a bike, you can explore more of the mountain ranges than on foot. And Colorado Springs makes it easy for you. There are a lot of tracks you can follow. And if you don’t have a bike make use of the mountain bike services. They’ll help you find the best spots and stay safe while doing it.

This is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty protected by the many conservation areas. Colorado Springs puts effort into looking after nature and it’s worth taking a look at what they’re showcasing.

Driving Yourself

To be fair not all attractions can be reached by foot or bike. And that’s when you need your car.

The great thing is you can view quite a lot when you’re on the highways too. The US 24 highway crosses the plains, goes over the mountain and goes into the city itself. You can already get an excellent view of the places you want to visit by simply driving towards the area.

You have to travel to the top of Pikes Peak. As a reward, you can enjoy the famous donuts sold at the top.

Because many state highways connect to the city you can enjoy scenic drives in a number of directions.

Take note that the road infrastructure is still under construction. You’ll probably see repair or improvement work being done no matter when you visit. This is because citizens requested the road network be expanded. This will minimize congestion and create quality roads to necessary areas.

At the moment the roads carry a high number of vehicles which also means they get damaged quickly.

Yes, this is another reason you should consider walking on your next holiday. You don’t want to get caught in traffic every day of your vacation.

Metropolitan Transit

Luckily the city actively tries to counter the traffic problems. This should help with congestion, pollution and also help people to reach destinations effortlessly.

Mountain Metropolitan Transit

Take a break from driving and relax in Colorado Springs’ public transport named the Mountain Metropolitan Transit. This mostly incorporates bus routes.

Make use of the 11 000 daily one-way trips in the Pikes Peak area. You can also hop on a bus towards Manitou Springs, Chapel Hill Mall or the Peterson Air Force Base.

All your site seeing is made easy with Colorado Springs’ infrastructure!

Mountain Metro Mobility

And here’s proof that Colorado Springs cares about everyone.

The Mountain Metro Mobility service provides transport to disabled individuals who can’t make use of other public vehicles.

Mountain Metro Rides

The Mountain Metro Rides service is for locals who use vanpools or carpools to get to work. The city facilitates the service and provides vans to make it easy for everyone.

You can see effective transport is a priority for this city.

Since you know what to expect you can start planning. Colorado Springs is filled with stunning views, attractions, and people. Create memories by planning how you’ll reach each of them with the available transport options. Be prepared so you get the most out of your visit.

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