Where do you go for a holiday to enjoy nature?

Environmentalists know Colorado is an excellent option. But the state is quite large. Rather zoom in on one area where you can get all you need!

  • Activities in clean environments
  • Clean air
  • Conservation features
  • Breathtaking views

Where do you find all of this in one location? If you visit Colorado Springs you’ll be blown away by all your options!

We want to help you make the best of your visit. This is why environmentalists flood the area. Will you follow in their footsteps?

This list mentions some of the options, but best you head over to the city and find some more. Thanks to Colorado Springs’ excellent tourism features it’s easy to find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Mountain Metro Rides

Here’s how you know if a city takes conservation serious. What actions do they put in place to protect the area?

Some cities focus on recycling. Others prevent water wastage with high penalties. In Colorado Springs you help with one of the biggest challenges of our time. Air pollution.

The city motivates people to minimize air pollution through their Mountain Metro Rides initiative.

This system promotes alternative transport options to prevent traffic problems and minimize the number of cars on the roads. All of this benefits the environment with less air and noise pollution.

This is done by carpools and also motivating people to walk or ride to work. Through online services, people can easily join a vanpool or carpool in their area. The city’s system offers the use of vans with eight or 12 seats at affordable rates.

Instead of simply asking citizens to help, Colorado Springs empowers them to make wise decisions. And this benefits the environment as well as people’s budgets.


Of course, walking is the best way to prevent pollution. But if a city doesn’t facilitate effortless walking few people will opt to do this.

Luckily Colorado Springs is different than most cities.

You can enjoy over 100 miles of trails in and around the city. This leaves the environment with three benefits:

  • Many trails start in the city. These can be used to travel on instead of driving cars in the streets. This means less pollution.
  • Trails allow people to access parks on foot. They don’t have to use their cars which once again means there’s less pollution in the area.
  • Because trails give easy access to stunning parks more people tend to visit them. This enhanced accessibility means more of the general population learn about nature. People tend to look after the environment when they start respecting its beauty. And beauty can be found all over Colorado Springs!

Nature Appreciation Opportunities

The information above leads to the next thing environmentalists love about the city.

Colorado Springs doesn’t simply expect the public to know about the value of the environment. They know people need to be educated.

And how do you teach them if they’re far away?

Draw them with Food

Luckily this place is excellent with marketing and knows just how to impress tourists. With excellent restaurants, the city attracts people to the summit of Pikes Peak. From here you can’t but fall in love with nature.

Make it Effortless

Many outdoor areas are pet-friendly. This means people with pets can now enjoy nature walks too. There’s, even more, the chance of people appreciating nature and hopefully, this evolves into respect so more people start living eco-friendly.

Keep it Exciting

And here’s why I love Colorado Springs.

This city allows you to enjoy nature in extreme ways. You can:

  • Go biking on its many trails
  • Learn how to mountain climb
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Ride a kayak

Exposing the public to nature and its many values is the first step in creating respect. When people realize the value of the outdoors they’ll do more to preserve it for the future.

Local Fauna and Flora is Protected

Of course, you can’t expect the public to know everything about nature. Certain responsibilities will always lie with the experts.

Many mountain parks in the area resulted from land bought or donated specifically for conservation. You’ll find the Cheyenne Mountain State Park that was established to conserve the side of the beautiful mountain and all the wildlife it contains. This needs to be protected

In the parks around Colorado Springs, you’ll find fauna and flora that aren’t seen anywhere else on earth. This includes:

  • Cacti
  • Oaks
  • Narrow leaf Yucca

If someone doesn’t look after these plants they’ll die out. Luckily Colorado Springs and its leaders make nature conservation part of their vision.

Race to the Clouds

But nature will never survive if society doesn’t stay protective of it. How do you motivate people?

One person found the perfect medium to communicate the beauty and value of the mountain parks.

From 1916 onwards people from around the globe have raced each other in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It’s also known as the Race to the Clouds.

Even lovers of modern technology want to compete in this race because it’s quite a challenge. And of course, each competitor wants to prove he or she can do it better than others.

It’s a 12.4-mile race uphill towards the summit of Pikes Peak.

Why is it so challenging?

  • You have to navigate through 156 turns
  • You rise over 4 700ft
  • Grades average 7.2%

You can compete on your motorcycle or in your car in one of many divisions. The best ever lap time was just over eight minutes.

This is a coveted title. But best of all is it draws people who never see stunning scenery such as that of Colorado. Its original purpose was to encourage tourism and today it serves an environmental purpose too.

Simply another example of how Colorado Springs makes the most of each opportunity to benefit the environment!

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