Whoever said you can only visit a tourist destination once?

If you apply this rule to Colorado Springs you’ll miss out big time. Why? Because there are too many things to do and you’ll never fit them into one holiday.

That’s why we made it easy for you.

What’s the reason for your next trip? Alone time with your partner requires a different itinerary than a holiday with the kids. The tips below help you plan the perfect Colorado Springs visit based on who is going with you.

Plan a Dog Friendly Trip

Here’s what I love about this place. The city caters to literally everyone. Even my four-legged companions.

Take your pets with you and enjoy these attractions.

Pet Supplies

The city has a variety of stores to help you stock up on pet treats. You can visit Mike’s Natural Pet Market or Bon Pet Supplies.

Dog Walks

Before you leave home you must know there will be enough places to walk your dog in and around your destination. In Colorado, you’ll find many dog-friendly parks—even dog focused parks—such as:

  • Rampart Dog Park
  • Bear Creek Dog Park which is fenced in
  • Fox Run Regional Park where you can hike or enjoy stunning mountain views while your dogs exercise

Pet Friendly Attractions

Of course, you can’t cater only for your dog. In Colorado Springs it’s easy to make the trip interesting for everyone.

View these famous Colorado Springs attractions. You’ll love them and your dog will enjoy the pet-friendly environments they provide:

  • Garden of the Gods
  • Adventures Out West that takes you all over Denver and Arizona too
  • Ghost Town Wild West Museum
  • Seven Falls

You can see there’s something for everyone on this list. Taking pets on holiday doesn’t have to minimize your level of fun.

Plan a Romantic Trip

But what if you simply want the ideal trip for you and your partner? Is Colorado Springs a wise destination?

Absolutely! What is more romantic than mountain views, excellent cuisine, and tranquil spaces?

Take a scenic drive

Colorado Springs is known for Pikes Peak that towers over the town. Incorporate this tourist attraction into a mountain drive. Alternatively, get away from everyone and explore mountain passes with the one you love.

Have Dinner Together…or Any Other Meal You Want

Fish is the only things you should ignore on this town’s menus. It’s situated far from any ocean so getting fresh fish is a challenge.

Rather focus on:

  • A high tea experience at Miramont Castle
  • Making goat cheese together at The Goat Cheese Lady
  • Real American burgers at Skirted Heifer
  • Donuts at the summit of Pikes Peak
  • Eat dinner with an immense selection of bourbon at Southern Hospitality Southern Kitchen

You’ll find the perfect place to fuel your body no matter the time of day.

Create Memories

Pick activities that suit your personalities, such as hiking or watching animals at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Put the Royal Gorge Bridge on your list first. This place is known as one of the most romantic places in the country. Enjoy the view of the canyon together and you’ll see why.

Plan a Nature Excursion

It’s not only the tourists that enjoy Colorado Springs’ natural beauty. The locals love venturing out and making it part of their usual routine. The local government ensures their citizens’ expectations are met.

For this reason, you’ll find excellent trails, activities, and amenities to enjoy:

  • Mountain biking with your family
  • A hot air balloon ride to view the surrounds
  • Learn to climb mountains
  • Take a scenic tour in a Jeep
  • Go fly fishing

This town appreciates nature and helps you enjoy the beauty of it!

Plan a Family Vacation

Holidays should be occasions your family spends quality time together. In Colorado Springs you can get away from the distractions your normal routine creates.

And yes, in Colorado Springs there’s something each one in your family will enjoy!

Entertain the Kids

Help small kids exhaust their energy in a fun way. You can join in too:

  • At Battlefield Colorado you can play laser tag in the open air
  • Try the various trampoline parks
  • At Ghost Town Museum kids can learn about history in an interactive way such as taking part in gold panning

Keep Teenagers Happy

Awe the next generation with attractions they won’t find anywhere else:

  • Tour the city or its attractions on a Segway
  • Take a day and learn how to climb rocks at Pikes Peak Alpine School
  • Visit the Peak Aviation Center

Activities for Adults

Enjoy a unique experience by visiting the Fine Arts Center. No matter what your preferences are you’re bound to spend a few riveting hours here:

  • View art in the galleries
  • Attend comedies or musicals in the theaters
  • Enjoy film festivals
  • Attend a class the whole family can engage in

The center even has “Family Adventure Days”. Plan your trip around one of these to make the most of your holiday.

Plan Your Trip Around Food

Don’t let your diet spoil your holiday. This city has so many activities you’ll quickly work off the few extra pounds.

The city has restaurants and chefs that have been showcased by popular television programs. This is enough reason to do your own taste tests.


Colorado locals love making and tasting the beer. That’s why you’ll find many breweries. Pick your favorite flavors at the Rocky Mountain Brewery or Bristol Brewery.


Some culinary institutions in Colorado Springs can keep you busy for an entire day. You’ll find many excellent restaurants in the city, but let’s focus on one.

At IvyWild School you can learn about and taste many food items:

  • There’s a marketplace with fresh produce
  • The Principal’s office will supply coffee
  • The Meat Locker provides home made meat products
  • Find something sweet at the Old School Bakery

How does food keep you busy for an entire day? They even offer art workshops and brewing classes. You can be surrounded by everything you love in one location!

What are you most interested in? Whatever you enjoy about life you can incorporate it into your Colorado Springs holiday. And yes, you’ll want to go back a few times. Thanks to a huge focus on tourism—the city’s third largest source of income—you’ll always be well looked after. When is your next trip?

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