“Dad! I’m bored.”

My daughter is always bored. She doesn’t like television, so keeping her entertained is a fulltime job.

Stimulating their minds and allowing them the freedom to have fun is what kids really want—and need—from us.

Have you found that easy to do, living in Colorado? There are actually several great places to take kids in Colorado, and five of them are in Colorado Springs.

So if you’ve got one or more bored children in your house this weekend, here are my five favorite places to take kids for hours of stimulation.

Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

A train ride is something your kids will never forget. It’s a memory I still hold form my own childhood, and I plan to let my kids live that same experience.

The Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad is one of the best outings for children. They’ll get to see Colorado in a way they’ve never seen it before. Add to that, that novelty of a train ride, and you have an outing that’s perfect for the youngsters.

For parents, there is a gift shop, a railroad history section and several nearby places to eat. It’s easy to lose four or five hours at this Colorado Springs railroad. And your kids will love you for it.

Magic Town

Have you ever seen a city that’s been sculpted out of rock? Chances are, neither have your kids.

Magic Town is an underground wonderland filled with fun activities for kids and shopping opportunities for parents.

This miniature neighborhood is the proud work of Michael Garman and has become one of Colorado Springs’ most loved theme parks. You can tour his little town with your children and watch their eyes widen as they spot tiny little details in the architecture.

The little town has a spooky theme most days, so your kids will shrill with delight as strange contraptions & creatures give them a mild scare.

Parents will love Magic Town as much as their kids do When the town tour is over, enjoy a bite to eat as one of several nearby restaurants and bars.

Garden of the Gods

I love taking my daughter outside to experience nature. Seeing her gape at the amazement of our planet brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Garden of the Gods has the famous Colorado Springs landmark, Balanced Rock. This massive rock is balanced on top a mountain and it hardly seems possible when you look at it from all angles.

Along with your hiking route to Balanced Rock, you’ll see plenty of other strange rock formations. Your kids will relish this adventure—especially when they realize that it’s right in their backyard.

Be sure to also visit the Garden of the Gods Market & Café. There are some great meal options that are true the theme of Colorado’s wild side.

Seeing Balanced Rock and The Garden of the Gods is best done via a hike. Pack yourself some high protein & energy snacks and take your kids on a real adventure!

Santa’s Workshop Theme Park

Time for some magic! Sometimes referred to as the Walt Disney of Colorado Springs, Santa’s Workshop Theme Park is a must visit for anyone with children between three and 12.

There are tons of fun rides for adults and older kids. Then there are some milder rides for young kids who want a quick thrill.

Then take your kids to visit Santa’s House. you can find it in the North Pole, in Colorado Springs. Santa lives there and he loves visitors! Your kids will get to see him in his own house. If they ask nicely enough, Santa may even go for a ride or two with them.

Some great gift shops are available to ensure your children never forget their visit to Santa’s Workshop. There are also events taking place on a regular basis, so be sure to keep a lookout on their official website.

Puppet shows and magic shows abound in this magical land where Santa lives. It’s yet another a perfect day out in Colorado Springs for you and your family.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

There’s a Zoo in Colorado Springs that was made for kids. The activities at this zoo are aimed at keeping children entertained while parents enjoy the shows and animals on display.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a sure bet for keeping your kids happy and stimulated for hours. They cater for birthday parties too, so consider this great zoo for your kids’ next birthday event.

Other activities include:

  • A historic carousel that lets kids learn while they ride.
  • A mountaineer sky ride that gives you a view of the park from high up.
  • Several reoccurring animal shows, including;
    • marine shows
    • animal feeding shows
    • animal encounters with bears, lions and elephants
  • A giraffe cam that lets kids see giraffes up close as they cross their drawbridge early in the morning.
  • Giraffe feeding also takes place at certain times of the day, so be sure not to miss it.
  • The Budgie Buddies section contains all things Australian, including kangaroos, Kuala bears, and emus. There are small shows and talks for kids who are curious about the great outback.
  • My Big Backyard is a playground like no other, where kids are encouraged to explore, play and learn about their environment. There are ponds with fish, giant flower gardens and a kids’ playground like no other.
  • The Loft contains various smaller creatures that are used to being handled and touched by children. Kids will learn about all kinds of marsupials, reptiles, and rodents in this indoor petting zoo.


Physical stimulation. Mental stimulation. Social stimulation. These activities cater for all three—and a fourth more important kind of stimulation: IMAGINATION!

These locations are excellent ways to give yourself a break from entertaining your kids. Sit back, relax and let them learn their way through these fun activities.

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