Baffled about where your next school tour should be?

It’s tough. You have to find the balance between interesting and educational.

But I have the easy answer for you. Colorado Springs is the ideal tour destination no matter the topic you want to teach kids about.

And yes. They’ll find it interesting no matter the age group because:

  • The town’s rich history as part of America’s Old Wild West
  • The influence of large corporations that keeps the town modern
  • Community life that creates a friendly environment you can safely host children in
  • Amenities because of the city’s focus on tourism

This is all you want!

Pick a theme or teach children about a variety of subjects. Here are the best options; according to adult AND child ratings.

Visit the University

Get your class thinking about the future. A visit to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is an exhilarating look into higher education. The university also offers online programs so the trip is relevant to anyone who is still deciding what to do after graduation. Simply book a visit to enjoy an in-depth tour.

The city also hosts other unique higher education facilities such as:

  • US Air Force Academy
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Pikes Peak Community College with two year programs

Exploring options outside their usual environments can help kids realize what they really want out of life.

All About History

It’s challenging to keep kids interested in history. But perhaps you’re doing it wrong.

In Colorado Springs you can use interactive services and awe-inspiring venues to teach your class the value of historical events:

  • Take a tour of the mines to learn about the role they played in American history.
  • Visit the ancient planes at the Garden of the Gods with unique rock formations. These were created by geological upheavals thousands of years ago.
  • Teach children about how people lived decades ago with interactive options in Ghost Town Museum or Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.
  • Teach children about World War II through the city’s close connection with the military and aviation.

Colorado Springs is a real all in one destination. No matter your current focus in history class, this town will help you teach it.

Become Technology Experts

These days you can’t survive without technology. And in Colorado Springs you can learn where much of it started.

International companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Apple Inc. all had offices in the city at some stage. Though some companies have moved away from the city it still draws much of its income from this market.

These companies combined with a focus on missile defense systems make this city of high interest to young scientists. You’ll find Boeing’s offices and there are even ties to the aerospace industry. Book a trip to the Space Foundation. This unique non-profit company educates people about space-related topics.

You’re sure to fill up a tour itinerary fast with all these options!

An Exciting day at the Air Force Academy

Who doesn’t love planes? At the Air Force Academy, your class can learn all about America’s military history and more specifically the Air Force.

Four additional military sites are situated in and around Colorado Springs:

  • Fort Carson
  • Schriever Air Force Base
  • Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
  • Peterson Air Force Base

This makes for enough locations and information to fill a day or extended school trip. Because of the presence of the military in the area parents feel comfortable sending their kids to the region.

That’s how Colorado Springs becomes the ideal place for all your future trips.

An Outdoor Tour for the Adventurous

Help children from the city enjoy the outdoors for a change.

Colorado Springs’ community loves the outdoors. Locals also use it to keep themselves healthy and fit.

To look after citizens and tourists Colorado Springs offers excellent facilities to explore the mountains or view the amazing scenery. You can’t miss the stunning attractions unique to this city:

  • The most beautiful park in the world—as some people call it—is The Garden of the Gods.
  • Palmer Park and others showcase unique flora such as certain cacti.
  • The many trails in and around the city.

And in what way can you enjoy these stunning areas? Pick one that your class loves or you can use to teach them values:

  • Hike mountain trails for endurance training
  • Get on mountain bikes and explore unpolluted natural parks
  • The less eager can use a Segway to move around the city or mountains
  • Teach about courage by learning how to climb mountains at one of the mountaineering schools
  • Some lakes can be traversed on kayaks for some serious fun

Most trails can’t accommodate vehicles. This makes for clean air and safe journeys for everyone in your group.

Plan it Around Sports

Of course, children love sports. This could be the theme that gets them excited about the trip. And yes, along the way they’ll learn some interesting facts too.

Colorado Springs has excellent golf courses. Allow your school’s golf players to experience new courses and teach them about American history along the way. Since some courses are situated on historical sites this will be easy!

Alternatively, you can visit some of the prominent sports centers.

Colorado Springs is informally known as Olympic City USA. Why? Because many national sports federations host their headquarters in the city, such as:

  • Fencing
  • Skating
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling

The city also hosted prominent sporting events in the past such as the World Ice Hockey Championships in 1962.

This rich history mingled with the area’s love for sports is the ideal place to inspire children regarding their futures as athletes.

You can visit some of the sports venues and even see local teams practice such as the Colorado Springs Sky Sox Baseball team.

And when the kids are looking for the ultimate experience, simply take them to watch a unique sporting event: A rodeo!

Colorado Springs will keep you riveted no matter what sport you’re interested in.

Here’s what you—and your tour group—will love about this city. Because of the wide range of activities, it offers no one will ever get bored. Forget the usual trips to the zoo. This place turns school tours into memorable experiences. And that’s what education should be about. Use Colorado Springs and make a huge impact so your teachings stay with them forever!

Learn more about Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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