Every city has its good and bad areas, right?

When you live in—or visit—Colorado Springs you can’t make assumptions too quickly. Almost every area and neighborhood carry at least one delightful feature.

And these features cover all spheres of life. Almost every preference, activity and requirement you have can be met or enjoyed somewhere in Colorado Springs.

What are you looking for? If you’re not sure where to find something you can simply ask. This is a friendly town with a sense of community.

Let’s make it easy for you. Use these facts to plan where you want to live or which places to put on your holiday itinerary.

The Downtown Area for a Sense of History

Of course, tourists love visiting new places to learn about history. But historical areas are perfect for living too. You’re surrounded by stunning architecture and usually close to many amenities. This is all true in Colorado Springs’ downtown area because the city caters for tourism and provides every luxury possible.

The houses that date from the 1800s look stunning and will probably never change. Many are listed in the National Register and owners must obtain permission before they can alter anything. This means the area will attract tourists for decades to come.

But it’s worth living in this neighborhood. Along with tourists, you can enjoy:

  • Regular events and festivals
  • Views of Pikes Peak
  • Visits to art galleries
  • A range of excellent restaurants
  • Retail outlets

Tourists can spend entire days downtown and locals never become bored.

Northwest for Uniqueness and Visiting Deer

When you travel into the Northwest neighborhoods such as Rockrimmon and Peregrine you step into another world.

Have you ever seen streets this random?

Thanks to the foothills the areas are built on no streets that are straight. So what’s the charm of this area? Where else will you find deer sauntering over your lawn? And why not enjoy stunning views of nature and the city?

And yes it’s a smart living option too. Your children will receive an excellent education because the area forms part of the Air Academy School District.

Northeast for Some Breathing Space

Do you hate feeling cramped? Then head over to the Northeastern parts such as Briargate or Pine Creek.

Firstly you’ll see mountains when you look outside your windows. This is a better option than staring at buildings all day.

And the architects who designed the homes were smart. At an affordable price, you can get spacious rooms.

Once again children benefit from the excellent education the Air Academy School District is famous for.

Old Colorado City for Low Crime Rates

In the western parts of Colorado Springs, you’ll find the beautiful Victorian homes of Old Colorado City. The reasons people flock here are numerous.

Crime is lower than in many other areas. This is thanks to the presence of the military. This also makes it safe for tourists who want to see how locals live.

Tourists love to drop by in this part of town because of many small shops. It’s the perfect stopover on your way to the Garden of the Gods situated nearby.

Despite it getting busy with tourists areas such as Pleasant Valley feel remote from the rest of the city. For residents who love privacy and nature, this feature is a strong drawcard.

The Broadmoor for Your Dream Home

If you’re shopping for the perfect home—or simply want to view stunning architecture—you must drive through Broadmoor.

The houses were built between 1920 and 1940. And yes, they can all be called mansions. This is the most prestigious area in Colorado Springs.

But you don’t have to live here to enjoy the neighborhood.

Broadmoor hotel and resort offers many services anyone can enjoy:

  • Fly fishing
  • Excellent dining
  • Historical information as far back as its establishment in the 1800s
  • A spa
  • A golf course
  • Various accommodation options such as a hotel suite, a room in a Brownstown or a cottage

Use this stunning resort to rejuvenate whether you’re a local or simply passing through.

Centennial Boulevard for Those who Love Nature

Of course, many people are attracted to Colorado Springs because of its connection to nature.

Where do the locals stay who value the outdoors?

If you love the city too—and you don’t want to feel too disconnected from society—Centennial Boulevard is for you.

Yes, this area is still surrounded by other neighborhoods. But you have the privilege of access to Ute Valley Park. And this is no simple city park.

Ute Valley is large enough to offer you everything from wetlands to flatlands and even a few high sandstone pillars. By foot or on your bicycle you can explore the area and return home whenever you’re tired.

Cheyenne Mountain for Something of Everything

Technically Cheyenne Mountain is not part of Colorado Springs. But it features on most tourists’ to-do lists. You shouldn’t miss out on it either.

Cheyenne Mountain offers visitors and residents everything they could want.

Firstly you’ll find a focus on nature:

  • There are mountain parks established for preservation of the area
  • You can view stunning Helen Hunt Falls
  • There are 20 miles of trails you can enjoy by foot or on your mountain bike

But the neighborhood caters for all. Residential areas provide quality living and this started back in the 1860s when homesteads were built here. Today you find many luxury homes.

And then there’s the military.

Cheyenne is the ideal place to put on your holiday list. You can boast that you visited the location of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its underground operations center. This is where missile launches were monitored from to protect the country.

What is your reason for moving to—or simply visiting—Colorado Springs? One of these neighborhoods will provide exactly what you’re looking for. Thanks to the many attractions anyone can feel welcome in this city and tend to adjust to the new environment fast. When will you go?

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