How do you know a city is worth visiting?

No, don’t ask your friends who holiday there each year. They only experience the area superficially. What you need is in-depth information.

And you only get that from the locals.

Here’s what I love about Colorado Springs. Whether I ask locals or tourists I’m always met with excitement. It seems this city measures up to expectation no matter the requirements.

So here’s why locals love it.

It’s the Perfect Place for Nature Lovers

Colorado Springs is where you go when you want to get away from technology and the stress it can cause.

Imagine breathtaking views of snow-capped Pikes Peak. The next day you can visit the sandstone wonders at the Garden of the Gods.

But that’s not the whole story. The best thing about Colorado Springs is that the city aims to protect these features. You can return in a few decades and they’ll probably still be in the same condition, unspoiled by industrialization and developments.

This is possible because of the city—and its citizens—dedicated large pieces of land to conservation. Now you can walk, drive or ride in these areas any time you want. The tourism industry even promotes people’s enjoyment by offering:

  • Mountain climbing training
  • Mountain bike adventures
  • Mountain adventures in a Jeep
  • Exploring nature on a Segway

And there’s proof that the city’s conservations attempt work. The air around Colorado Springs is known to be of better quality than many other American cities. If you want a healthy break away this is the city to go to.

You can Enjoy the Arts

Of course, not everyone wants to spend all day outside.

Luckily Colorado Springs is known for many other sources of entertainment such as:

  • Galleries with modern, historic and contemporary art pieces
  • Theaters with musicals, dramas, and other stage productions
  • Festivals that offer music, comedy showcases and more
  • Educational projects focused on the arts

When you visit occasionally you’re bound to find an event to attend. But the arts schedule is quite busy all through the year. No local art lover is ever bored.

A Steady Economy

A city will never flourish without a healthy economy. Currently, the city is in a healthy financial position. Thanks to historic businesses and new developments Colorado Springs is set for future success too.

Large business

The main income of the city is from the defense industry. The Air Force base nearby and large corporations including Boeing provide work for many locals. Secure positions make it less stressful to raise families since there’s a low risk of losing a source of income.

Of course, this draws a large number of residents. These numbers provide customers with the many small businesses.

Small business

While a few large businesses benefit the economy, no city should rely on them indefinitely.

Luckily Colorado Springs doesn’t and this ensures its future prosperity.

It’s not only up to the businesses to market themselves. This city is so passionate about benefiting small businesses that they promote it vehemently. Each year a week is set aside where the public is asked to specifically utilize small businesses. Finding a better service provider in this manner can turn into increased revenue for many businesses.

This is the reason Colorado Springs draws many young entrepreneurs. The economic scene is always evolving. This constant change ensures the city moves with the times and will hopefully provide much more locals with opportunities to make their business dreams come true.

Locals are Never Bored

When I think of Colorado Springs life I see people moving around all the time.

If they’re not on their way to join a community group, they’re probably attending a festival. And there are so many attractions and landmarks for tourists, even locals take a while before they’ve seen it all.

And then there’s the food. Whether you want to enjoy a chef’s food or learn to make a dish yourself you’ll find the solution in Colorado Springs. Beer breweries get established all over as new residents discover their passion for this unique art.

What are your interests? Colorado Springs has a place you can enjoy it.

Bugs Don’t Bother

Do you hate bugs as much as I do? Then this is enough reason to move to—or visit—Colorado Springs.

This may be the one place on earth you never have to worry about bed bugs. Apart from a few large ants and moths, there are virtually no bugs that can spoil your stay.

This is mostly attributed to the city situated at such a high altitude.

It’s a Pet-Friendly City

Yes, Colorado Springs cares about nature’s fauna and flora. But they also care about the animals in your family!

Colorado Springs is known to be a pet-friendly city. This means:

  • In most places, you can walk your dog on a leash
  • There are parks specifically designed to accommodate dogs
  • You’ll find pet-friendly accommodation for your next trip to Colorado Springs

Now imagine living in such an accepting environment 24/7. And now you know why locals love this city!

Excellent Education Opportunities

Of course, it’s not all about recreational features.

When you’re raising a family you think about each member’s future. What does he or she need to realize their dreams?

Colorado Springs families can take their pick of the best options in the country.

Apart from the excellent Air Force training school education is also of high standards. Because the Air Force community expects high standards for its children most schools in the city provide quality education.

Combine this with excellent educational programs concerning higher education, the arts and nature and your child gets a well-rounded upbringing.

How does this knowledge benefit you? You can see why it’s worth visiting this city and you can plan your itinerary according to these tips. Don’t miss out on a moment’s culinary or creative entertainment! Use these tips and ask locals for more advice when you arrive. Your next holiday can be the best trip ever.

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