I would strongly recommend a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a cultural experience that every American should have regardless of age or heritage.

If you haven’t explored this great place yet, you’re missing out on awesome travel opportunities that are right on your doorstep.

Colorado Springs is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Here’s why.

Cave of the Winds

Where else are you going to find a place that packs so much fun into such a limited space?

Cave of the Winds is part theme park, part museum, part adventure, and a few other things too. It’s one of a kind—the type of place you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

There’s a thrilling lantern tour that takes you deep into the darkest parts of this cave. All you have is a lantern to see a few feet in front of you. Add a few ghost stories to that and you have an experience you won’t soon forget.

Balanced Rock

Often called, ‘Garden of the Gods’, this charming Colorado Springs location is a must for tourists.

There’s no charge to tour this unique park. With breath-taking rock formations and the legendary Balanced Rock, this has become one of my favorite places to visit while traveling.

Take a hike through the various rock formations that have taken shape over thousands of years. It’s one of the most relaxing days you’ll ever spend during your vacation.

National Museum of World War II Aviation

If you have kids with you while you travel, then this is a great destination for them. But even if you don’t, these plains from various countries who fought in WWII will amaze you.

History buffs visiting Colorado Springs will see how aircrafts have changed over the periods of the Second World War—and enjoy the historical background to each one.

Yes, each plane has a story; and the National Museum of World War II Aviation is where they’re told. Choose a guided tour where you can hear about the histories of each sight. Or choose a self-guided tour and read these stories yourself.

Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

There’s nothing like an old motorcycle that’s been restored to near perfection.

I simply love the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum. It’s a fantastic place for motorcycle fanatics who love the history of motorcycles.

Anything and everything motorcycle related is included in this museum. View over 75 vintage motorcycles that have been restored. See how motorcycles have evolved over the decades and how we came to the model and shape we see today.

Bear Creek Regional Park and Nature Center

Wide open spaces really capture my imagination. That’s why I love visiting Bear Creek Regional Park and Nature Center.

It’s the perfect place to get away from all the noise and enjoy the Colorado Springs scenery. Multiple activities are available at the Park, including:

  • Tennis
  • Archery range
  • Kids’ playground
  • Basketball
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Volleyball

There’s also a great area for picnicking right in the middle of nature. When you’re done eating, go for a trail hike through the nature center and explore the untouched parts of Colorado.

It’s a perfect day out for you and your friends or family.

Monument Valley Park

Grab your baseball clubs and a few of your nearest & dearest; we’re off to the Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs. It’s a great park to burn off some energy and enjoy nature while you’re at it.

Baseball is my favorite activity at this park, with fully maintained baseball fields and their amenities. There’s a very large picnic area where you can set up before you start a game. Bring a basket of your favorite goodies and get in the mood for some baseball fun.

I love taking my kids here. After a game of baseball, I take them for a walk along the gravel path which winds through the park. If they have any energy left after that I leave at the secure playground not far off.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is aptly named after the multiple colors displayed at the base of the rocks there. The stream flows underneath a bridge, and the bridge is surrounded by huge rock formations.

The bases of those rocks have been turned into canvasses by graffiti artists in Colorado Springs. If you love waterfalls, then this is a great place to hike and picnic at.

There are usually groups of people who visit this hidden nook below the bridge. It’s a safe place for your kids to have fun and for adults to relax for a few hours. Teenagers also love the waterfall area and will spend hours climbing rocks and swimming in the water.

The Broadmoor Seven Falls

Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is home to seven of the most beautiful waterfalls in America. These waterfalls have become the center of a bustling tourist attraction where you get to enjoy all the finer things while you experience all things waterfall.

There are lots to do at Broadmoor Seven Falls, and some are not for the faint of heart. Here’s a quick list:

  • My personal favorite is the canopy tour among the waterfalls. 10 Ziplines of between 300 and 1800 feet respectively will enable you to explore the Seven Falls in a way few people have.
  • There are several hiking trails at Broadmoor, and all of them have incredible sceneries.
  • There is also a busy shopping hub where you can lose yourself for a few hours.
  • And once your energy is spent, enjoy some of the fine restaurants and bars at this awesome destination.


Explore your backyard before you leave the house. There’s more to see in places like Colorado Springs, Colorado than you thought. Anyone of these destinations would rival a trip abroad.

So if you’ve never been to Colorado Springs before, add this one at the top of your list before you decide to go anywhere else. It’s well worth the experience.

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