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The Trimmer Store now has the Centurion trimmer for sale. These machines stand the test of time due to their industrial build and simple easy to use design. This is why we felt these trim machines were perfect for to the Trimmer Store fleet. The non-stick quantanium tumblers are an innovative design that helps you save those precious trichomes. The low-cost and high production capabilities coupled with the easy to clean water-resistant design, make this machine a guaranteed money saver for your company.

Stop wasting time and money with overpriced trim crews. Let The Trimmer Store train you and your staff on how to do 4 times the work with half the staff.

We carry these models:

Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer: This machine trims 6-8 pounds wet and 12-16 pounds dry per hour. The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer draws only 6 Amps and stands 25” tall. You’ll save money on energy costs and it’s a great space saver.

Centurion Pro Original: This trimmer will trim 8-12 pounds wet and 16-24 pounds dry. That means the Centurion Pro Original will replace over 20 hourly paid trimmers. Talk about efficient!

Centurion Pro Trimmer Parts and Service: If you are in need of parts or maintenance for your machine here in Colorado just give us a call at 1-866-249-5059 and we can get you back up running in no time. We do have used centurion pro trimmers for sale from time to time. Check for availability.

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Why Buy a Centurion Trimmer from The Trimmer Store?

Our customers are super excited that we have the centurion trimmer for sale in Colorado. And they should be. These machines are some of the best on the market.

It’s the only machine in the world that has a non-stick QuanTanium (Teflon) Coated tumbler. Saving trichomes is the only thing we care about as growers. Everyone wants hand-trim quality nuggets and that’s what you’ll get with these machines.

They also have a massively sized hopper that will make loading your product easier and more consistent.

All Centurion machines use a unique diverter that will help fine tune the flow and cut on different types of strains. This gives the grower the ability to quickly switch to different strains or density of flowers. No more worrying about which trimmer to use. It’s that simple.

They also use a double bag style system for collecting your trim for post-production purposes. You never waste anything.

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Centurion Pro Original

Centurion Original ProThe CenturionPro Original is definitely our favorite machine. This machine is for growers who demand quality and long-lasting durability. It’s one of the most talked about trimmers in the green industry today.

The Pro Original will do the work of 20 workers and it will not sacrifice quality! You can trim both wet and dry flowers. If you’re running efficiently you can trim 8-12 pounds wet and a whopping 16 to 24 dry. These are per hour numbers. You’re going to be really surprised how the non-stick Teflon tumblers work in action.

The Pro Original also comes with a 3hp leaf collector system with 2750 CFM of suction power. Perfect for post-production.

Since the Pro Original has a hardened steel blade made out of D2 and it’s super easy to clean. In fact, it’s so easy you’ll hardly find another machine like it in the industry. It only takes five minutes to clean up the blade due to the magnetic blade holding technology. This ensures a quality cut every time.

The Original Pro comes with a gracious 5yr warranty. Can’t beat that…

If you’re looking for Centurion trimmers for sale then give us a call at 1-866-249-5059 and we’ll find the right machine for you.

Centurion Pro Mini

Centurion Pro MiniWe suggest you check out the Centurion Pro Mini trimmer. It’s quickly becoming one of the best rentals we have here at The Trimmer Store.

This machine replaces 15 manual hand trimmers and it saves you huge money in production costs. Not to mention you can trim 6 to 8 pounds wet and with dry trim you can do approximately 12 to 16 pounds each hour.

And with the non-stick Teflon tumblers this machine is a no-brainer for the serious grower.

The Pro Mini runs off of 120v and comes with a 1.5hp trim collector system that has 2000 CFM of suction power.

The best part about the Pro Mini tri machine is that it has 11 high-quality blades. That’s right, 11. More than twice as much as all other trimmers on the market. You can’t beat that!

Like the original, the Pro Mini trimmer had the D2 steel blade that’s hardened. This allows for easy clean up in between pit stops.

The Pro Mini trimmer has a magnetic blade holding technology that makes cleaning easier and will only take five minutes. This keeps downtime minimal.

Don’t wait, if you’re looking for a Centurion trimmer for sale then call us now at 1-866-249-5059 and we’ll help you grow efficiently.

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