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If you’re looking for a Greenbroz trimmer for sale then you’ve come to the right place. We carry both the 215 and the 420. It’s not uncommon to hear our customers say this dry machine is the first one they have ever been impressed by. If you’re looking for the GreenBroz Alchemist just click the link.

GreenBroz Inc begins its story with some of the most innovative and functional designs in the dry trimming industry. Their number one goal was to create a trim machine that would preserve trichomes and provide you with better post-production material.

What makes the GreenBroz machines so awesome is the fact the buds roll gently across the blade instead of tumbling and dropping from the top of tumblers (most machines have tumblers). There is what we call here at The Trimmer Store “zero drop.” Trichome preservation at its finest and this is what gives you the hand-trim quality cut every time. You’ll get the best results with nice dense buds and about an 8% moisture level. These machines don’t work well with larf.

The GreenBroz trimmer price will vary between $5250 & $9800.

Models we carry:

GreenBroz 215 Standard For Sale: The GreenBros 215 will do up to 4 pounds an hour. It’s super quiet and is a perfect machine for home growers. Hand-trim quality all day long.

GreenBroz 420 Commercial For Sale: The Green Broz 420 will trim up to 15 pounds an hour. HUGE! It also comes with VARIABLE SPEED! The control you have will enhance trichome preservation and give you a better post-production material.

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Why Buy a GreenBroz from The Trimmer Store?

Let’s face it, you can buy a GreenBroz trimmer almost anywhere these days. But have you ever thought about what you are actually getting? I mean seriously if you get a great deal that’s only half the battle. You still need expertise on how to run the machines in order to get the best post-production results. You’ll notice quickly that most vendors do not have the experience to get you what you need. Here at The Trimmer Store, you’ll get exactly that. Trust us, it’s a good feeling when our customers walk out the door knowing they have the right trimmer for the job. Give us a call today and we’ll get the right trimmer for your needs.

GreenBroz 215 – Standard

If you’re looking for a portable lightweight trimmer, the GreenBroz 215 Standard is an excellent choice. It’s about the size of an old-school desktop PC. This Dry Trimmer processes up to 4 pounds of dry flower per hour! This is one of our best machines here at The Trimmer Store.

GreenBroz 420 Commercial Dry

The 420 Commercial is still GreenBroz best dry trimmer. Almost twice as large than its little brother. You can easily go into the 15 unit per hour range, which is massive for any high-end grower.

Both machine’s housing is constructed from HDPE. If you know what a cutting board is then you know the material. There is no chance for microbial or bacterial growth, which is super important.

Each model comes with a very efficient conveyor motor. These are unbelievably quiet and operate at low watts: 25 (Standard) or 40 (Commercial).

How To Use The Green Bros Trimming Machines

Indoor humidity level is essential to getting your dry trim right. So make sure you keep it at about 55% while operating the bud trimmer.

The same goes for your product. Make sure the flower is dry enough. You can easily check it with a moisture tester. Simply get a direct measure from the plant. Ideally, your flower should be at about 8-10% humidity, and the leaves at max 5% Or a 25-30% Relative Humidity.

This trim machine really cuts down on your total work time.

You can put up to three-quarters of a pound in the 215 Standard, while with the GreenBroz 420 Commercial you may go up to 4 pounds of product.

No matter the quantity, both trimmers will finish each load in 10 to 15 minutes. Each strain is different, hence the variance.

These machines are designed to work with the lid closed. But if you want to work on the product in the meantime, just open it up. Both machines can be operated while open, allowing detail work.

Did you know the GreenBroz dry trimmers can work all day with just a single operator?

Now let’s assume you have 100 pounds of harvest. An average worker can trim each pound in around 6 hours. That’s a whopping 15 full-time employees spending one week to finish the job.

The 420 Commercial Dry Trimmer can trim the same amount in around 13 hours.

How To Clean A GreenBroz Trimmer

Both of these machines are very easy to clean. In fact, it can be done in under 15 minutes.

It all boils down to pulling out the central hub nut at first. Once you’re done with that, you can just take out the top blade.

You should perform a light alcohol wash to start things off.

Then, with refined organic hemp oil, you can easily get rid of the build-up gathered while trimming.

When reassembling the machine, make sure the hub nut is not overly tight. Just go as far as you can with your sole fingers.

Before putting it back to use, ensure you sprinkle a reasonable amount of oil over the hub and its edges. This will result in reduced blade friction.

If you want to dig deeper, head down below to see our customer’s opinions and what they have to say about the GreenBroz Dry Trimmers in their review.

In case of any questions, just drop us an email.

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