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Mean Green Trimming Machine

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The Mean Green Trimming Machine is awesome. It’s actually becoming one of the industry’s leader dry trimming machines.

This dry trimmer is made out of the highest quality materials. It’s designed to operate around the clock with a quick regular cleaning. It’s exactly what every grower wants from a commercial grade trimmer.

If you’re living in Colorado you can utilize our Mean Green Trimming Machine rental services. But don’t worry if you don’t live in Colorado. You can buy one of these amazing machines online and get it delivered to your door – we ship worldwide.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Mean Green Trimmer models:

    ♦ IR 12 HandCrank

    ♦ IR12PRO Mini

    ♦ IR16PRO

    ♦ IR20PRO

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Now let’s dive into each of these Mean Green Trimming Machines, one by one.

We had to put the IR12PRO Mini up top. It’s the exact machine that became famous as the Mean Green Mini Trimmer. You can expect it to trim approximately 5 units per hour.

If you’re the small batch or connoisseur grower, you might want to go for the IR12 Hand Crank model. You can take this dry trimmer anywhere and just get cracking. Performance wise, you’re still in the 1-2 units per hour range.

The IR16PRO fits right in between the Mean Green Mini Trimmer and the 20” alternatives. You’ll enjoy the same gentle trim of up to three units per each hour of use.

Granted you want to head up into the 3-5 units per hour range, the IR20PRO is the go-to trimmer. It’s a compact and lighter alternative to the Mean Green’s biggest brother. Perfect if you’re looking to save on space.

How To Use The Mean Green Trimming Machines

This is what makes the Mean Greens so awesome: as soon as you get the trimmer delivered it’s ready to use right from the box.

This trimmer is easy to use. Even for the novice grower.

Once you’ve dried your flower via hanging and the Relative Humidity is between 30%-40% remove buds from the branch, remove fan leaves and cut the stem as close to the flower as possible. Keep a uniform size and avoid “clusters”.

Now, simply put your flowers into the drum and give them the slow gentle tumble motion that proves to give you a much tighter cut without damaging your buds. Place parchment paper in the collection trays to help reduce trichome loss.

The Mean Green does have an impressive capacity. But according to some of our users, you should not go over half full, especially if you want to get the highest quality trim.

Start off in 5-minute sessions. Check on the bud to see when you’ve hit the desired trim by stopping the machine’s rotation. This way you can know for sure how much time your strain needs to dry trim.

Once you have your desired trim, just set the timer on your trim machine and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to set up on the trimmer’s touchscreen digital controls. We still recommend having a dedicated employee assigned to monitor the machine.

Each strain is unique and will have different bud structures and leaf to bud ratio. You might want to do a quick check up each time you put a new batch in.

If you want to max out your dry trimming operation, you should look into getting yourself some Trim Stations. We have many different accessories to choose from. These make processing your grow far easier.

How To Clean The Mean Green Trimming Machine

Cleaning the machine takes less than 15 minutes. There’s never any hassle with that.

Remove the blade before removing the tumbler. Replace the tumbler before replacing the blade. Be careful not to bend the blade as they are very sensitive.

Take everything out and wash it with Scissor Magic or Denatured Alcohol (even the drum). It works really well and this way you don’t hurt the coating on the outside. Apply 120-degree water and gentler brushing with a scrub pad will clean the most build up. A paint scraper works for the more sticky areas, but regular cleaning can avoid this harsh build up.

You can quickly wash all the covers as you’re taking it apart with glass cleaner

When you take the blade out you’ll need to undo the top 4 screws.

Once the blade is out place it on a flat surface and gently clean it using the same instructions for cleaning the drum above.

When you put the blade back you want to put the screw in in adjacent pairs, starting with just enough thread to hold the blade. Then repeat for the remaining set. Once you have all four screws started, alternate 3 turns per set simultaneously, watching the blade tighten to the tumbler.

Check out the Mean Green Trimming Machine customer reviews below and see what we’re talking about.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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