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Check out the GreenBroz trimmers. They are the mean green replacements…


If you have questions regarding the Mean Green Trimming Machine dry trimmers or would like to see a demo at our Denver or Colorado Springs store give us a call at 1-866-249-5059 or email us at

This machine is the perfect boutique dry trimmer. We have it for sale and for rent here at The Trimmer Store. These machines are available in 12″, 16″ and 20″ diameters, it’s easy to find the right machine for your small home grow or your small commercial harvest. These machines were designed to be gentle on your most potent flowers. The hand powered model lets you have full control of your trim while the easy to use Touch Screen displays control speed, direction and cycle duration on the automated models.

Not only are these machines dialed in for precision they are also made for simple breakdown and cleaning. If you want a great machine at a reasonable price that isn’t going to take up a lot of space look no further. Oh did we mention how quiet it is!? Because it’s super quiet! The Mean Green Trimming Machine is approved by The Trimmer Store.

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WHy buy a Mean Green Trimming Machine from The Trimmer Store?

The Mean Green Trimming Machine price will vary from $1100 to $7000, it just depends on your needs. Now let’s dive into each of these mean green machine trimmer models one by one.

Mean Green Trimming Machine IR12PRO Mini

We had to put the IR12PRO Mini up top. It’s the exact machine that became famous as the Mean Green Mini Trimmer. You can expect it to trim approximately 5 pounds per hour.

Mean Green Trimming Machine IR12 HandCrank

If you’re the small batch or connoisseur grower, you might want to go for the IR12 Hand Crank model. You can take this dry trimmer anywhere and just get cracking. Performance wise, you’re still in the 1-2 pounds per hour range.

Mean Green Trimming Machine IR16PRO

The IR16PRO fits right in between the Mean Green Mini Trimmer and the 20” alternatives. You’ll enjoy the same gentle trim of up to three pounds per each hour of use.

Mean Green Trimming Machine IR20PRO

Granted you want to head up to the 3-5 pounds per hour range, the IR20PRO is the go-to trimmer. It’s a compact and lighter alternative to the Mean Green’s biggest brother. Perfect if you’re looking to save on space.

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