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***The Bonsai Hero Trimmers Are On Backorder for 1 month. If you’d like to get on the list just give us a call. We apologize for the inconvenience. [updated 9-24-18]

If you have any questions or would like to see a demo at our Denver or Colorado Springs store give us a call at 1-866-249-5059 or email us at

Choosing between all the hand-held trimmers might first seem challenging. At least until you get acquainted with the Bonsai Hero LED handheld trimmer. It’s one of our top sellers here at The Trimmer Store.

You’ve seen all the talk about Bonsai Hero vs Testarossa. It’s just a matter of personal priorities.

But if you’re looking to improve your hand trimming efficiency by up to 400%, it really rolls down to just one option.

It comes as no surprise the Bonsai Hero handheld trimmer is our top seller for handheld trimmers.

What would normally take you 8 hours to trim will be cut down to just under 3.

If you’re in Colorado, make sure to pay us a visit.

Bonsai Hero Shears we carry:

Bonsai Hero LED Duo: The Duo comes with two scissors, one power supply (you can use up-to 4 scissors for each power supply), and a very nice carrying case.
Bonsai Hero LED Solo: The Solo comes with one scissors and one power supply. The Solo does not come with a carrying case. If you would like a case you can just add one in the addon section below.
Spare Scissors: If you need spare scissors only just select it from the drop-down menu.

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Why Buy a Bonsai Hero LED from The Trimmer Store?

We have the best price in the country. The Bonsai Hero LED electric trimmer scissor isn’t your typical mass-produced in China tool. All components, in and out, are on the very high end.

These hand trimmers really are the perfect alternative to industrial trimming machines.

Their built-in power box and stock ability to hook up to 4 machines to a single control box does make the difference.

Our customers love this handheld trimmer because it’s more comfortable to use than scissors. It’s absolutely lightweight.

So don’t steer away if you’ve got weak wrists. This machine will make you rock your trim. With at least triple the trimming speed.

In case you need to run your trimming operations discretely, this machine is perfect. With just under 46db on the decibel meter, you can be certain it happens.

This LED edition also has a super bright LED light. You’ll see more when cutting.

See more, cut better!

This goes for both indoor trimming and outdoor use.

What really makes this handheld scissor great is its adjustable cutting speed.

Back that up with the really sharp blades and you’ll know why you’re getting manual trim quality.

The fast-moving blades are harmless, but be extra careful around these really sharp scissors.

You can easily transport your Bonsai Hero anywhere. It comes in a very easy to carry case, ready for work.

With full year warranty. Call 1-866-249-5059 for more info.


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