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We now have the Pikes Peak Rosin Press for sale at The Trimmer Store! Without a doubt, it is the best press on the market.

If you have any questions or would like to see a demo at our Denver store give us a call at 1-866-249-5059 or email us at customerservice@thetrimmerstore.com.

Made in the U.S.A.

The cool thing this machine is it’s made in the U.S.A.

The manufacture, PurePressure, had one thing in mind, to create a machine that streamlines the process of extraction.

Through extensive testing, they have found the perfect combination of pressure, heat distribution, heat plate size, and heat plate actuation speed to exhibit unimaginably high yields with incredible repeatability.

The user has full control over:

  • heat plate temperatures
  • press time
  • operating pressure (digital readout)
  • actuating speed.

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Why Buy a Pikes Peak Rosin Press from The Trimmer Store?


One of the biggest problems are many rosin presses utilize square heat plates and square tea bags.

This means material in the center of the tea bag has to travel a long distance to escape the filter.

Our 10” x 2” or 10” x 3” heat plates are specifically designed to reduce the distance your product has to travel out of the filter.

All of our tea bags are 2” wide so as soon as the product is extracted it no longer sits on the heat plates, degrading the quality and value of your finished product.

The Pikes Peak was engineered to provide years and years of reliability.

Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its’ unique design is able to achieve nearly 5 tons of force with only 120 psi air.

These extremely high forces ensure that all of your concentrates are extracted efficiently.

How to use the Pikes Peak Rosin Press machine?

Step 1: Turn it on

Step 2: Connect compressed air source (120psi is recommended).

Now that your machine is on, go into your settings and set your desired heat plate temperatures.  Then hit time. Now adjust the pressure on the regulator to the proper PSI.

Pressure Settings:

  • For flower and trim use a higher pressure (110 – 120psi)
  • For kief, dry sift, and bubble hash use a lower pressure (50-80psi)

Awesome! Your machine is now ready to use. Remember, you can also adjust the actuating speed to ensure you’re applying pressure at the right speed for the material you are using.
Now, to press material, start by turning your rosin bag inside out. Then fill it with the desired material. Be sure to pack it tightly in the bag with about 1″ remaining at the top.

Next load your parchment paper into the clips (a 12″x20″ sheet folded in half fits perfectly).

Place the bag between the parchment paper and fold the remaining end underneath like an envelope.

Finally, in the A: Operating mode of the Pikes Peak, hold both yellow buttons down for 5 seconds to begin the process.

Afterwards, you can then release your hands and the machine will do all the work. Once your session is complete, the plates will automatically retract. If you’re done before the timer is up you can hit the A button to cancel at any time.

Vertical vs Horizontal Orientation

The Pikes Peak machine can operate in both a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on the user’s preference.

Each machine comes with two sets of legs so you can change the orientation easily at any time.

The main differences between vertical vs horizontal are the vertical orientation is ergonomically designed for ease of use.

The horizontal orientation allows gravity to pull the concentrate into the fold of the parchment paper, reducing heat exposure to the product.
For anyone wanting to do directional flow or who wishes to harvest most of their rosin in a collection tray, the horizontal orientation offers an easy way to do that.

Users who want to press exclusively into parchment paper and harvest all of their sheets afterward, the vertical orientation tends to work best.

We encourage users to try both ways to determine which orientation they prefer.

What is the average percentage of yield one gets back?

Typically, a flower will yield between 15-25%. The higher quality you use the more yield you should get back.

Kief and hash range from 30-60% and sometimes more.

With trimmings, your yield could be between 5-10% or less. It’s really going to depend on the amount of trichomes on the plant matter.

Higher quality inputs will always yield more concentrate!

Rosin vs BHO: What’s the difference?

Rosin is pure, solvent-less oil extracted only with heat and pressure.

BHO utilizes butane as a solvent to strip out cannabinoids.  Then it still has to be vacuum purged to create oil.

Tips and Tricks

When pressing kief or hash, use a 36 micron or 72-micron bag. When you use flower, try a 115 or 90-micron bag instead.

It’s very important to make sure you pack your bags tightly with the material.  Make sure the material goes all the way to the seam. This will give you the best yield.

When you use higher temperatures (210 – 220), this will produce a product that has a shatter-like consistency. If you use lower temperatures (190-200), this will tend to produce a budder-like consistency.

If your rosin is too sticky on the parchment to collect easily, set it aside or put it in a refrigerator to help make it more stable.

When pressing kief or hash, turn the actuating speed down as slow as it will go and lower your pressure to make sure you don’t blow out your bag from all of the oil trying to escape.

If you’re planning on turning trim into rosin, you’ll get a much better yield if you kief or sift the trim first, and then use the harvested kief/dry sift instead of just pressing the trim as-is.

How to clean the rosin press machine?

As long as you are pressing with parchment paper, the machine virtually never needs cleaning. It’s recommended by the manufacturer to use high quality (27lb or 35lb) parchment paper. This will prevent any bleed through onto your plates and keep them clean.

How to store the rosin press machine?

Always use The Pikes Peak machine in a clean low-dust environment. Store the machine indoors and always cover it if possible.

Water can damage the electrical components. Make sure it is never sitting outside uncovered.

Contact us via the tab pre-sales or just give us a call at 1-866-249-5059. You can also ask us anything on our facebook page or send us a tweet.

Technical Specs:

  • Heat plate size: 10” x 2” or 10” x 3”
  • Maximum force output: 9,876 lbs (5 tons)
  • Supply air pressure: 120 psi or less
  • Maximum heat temperature: 300°F
  • Digital press time: No Limit
  • Digital pressure readout
  • High accuracy heating system
  • Vertical or horizontal machine orientation
  • Dimensions (Vertical): 16.8” (w) x 15.4” (d) x 33.3” (h)
  • Dimensions (Horizontal): 15.8” (w) x 29.1” (d) x 13.7” (h)
  • Parchment clip holders
  • Dual button safety start
  • Industry-leading safety controls
  • Ergonomic user panel in both orientations


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